New gift routing form for 233 funds

RSP is happy to announce a new web based gift routing form is now available. This form includes the same information requested on the previous form but now allows you to quickly pull in information from existing projects rather than re-keying information each time you complete a form. The information is stored in an online database for easy editing and retrieval the next time you need to complete a form. The form, donor letter and check still need to be routed to the Dean’s Office.

Note: When adding to an existing account, only the Chair’s signature is needed. The PI signature is not needed.

Both signatures are needed when setting up a new gift account.

The form is available at:

The instructions for the form are linked to that page and are available at:

A reminder regarding the UW gift policy and what qualifies as a gift is available at:

Questions about the form are handled by Casey Hillmer at 262-2397 or