Schedule for fall Registrar Electronic Grading Process

Registrar Electronic Grading Process* Fall 2008-2009 Anticipated Schedule Of Events

  • Dec. 12: Grading begins.
  • Dec. 15: Run process that lapses1084 and 1086 incomplete grades – Debbie Moy
  • Dec. 23: Missing Grade list audit. Track down large lists. Send list to school/college representatives
  • Dec. 26: Deadline for grade submission by instructor. Midnight at the end of the day.
  • Dec. 26: Change all missing grades to NR.
  • Dec. 29: Run Academic Standing Actions process (Donna Markgraf)
  • Dec. 29: Run Honors and Awards (Donna Markgraf)
  • Dec. 29: Distribute queries and preliminary report of Standing Actions and Honors and Awards to Schools/Colleges (Donna Markgraf)
  • Jan. 2: All Academic Standing Action and Honors/Awards changes from Schools/Colleges due back in Registrar’ Office by noon.
    Jan. 2: Enter all changes (Records Staff)
  • Jan. 5-9: Run and mail student grade reports (Debbie Moy)

: *This applies only to grading being done through MyUW Madison for grade rosters that have an ending date on or before December 12th (last official class day for the regular term). It does not apply to grading in the Law school or grading being done through the OASIS system in the Medical School. Academic Standing processes, in this context, are only done for Undergraduate and Special students. Honors and awards processes are only done for Undergraduate and Pharmacy students.