New process for internal transfers into CALS

The Office of Undergraduate Programs and Services has instituted a change this Fall regarding the process by which students from other programs on the UW-Madison campus may transfer into CALS. Previously, students were required to meet with an advisor in the department they were transferring to obtain an advisor assignment and cover the requirements and curriculum of the program. Then, the student would meet with a Dean in Undergraduate Programs and Services to be officially transferred into the college.
In order to streamline the process to improve efficiency, we have instituted an Internal Transfer Workshop that students will need to attend in order to be transferred into a CALS Department. The workshops will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, beginning at 3:30PM in Room 116 Agriculture Hall. The student will need to attend one of those sessions. Appointments can be made in person in Room 116 Ag Hall, or by calling Undergraduate Programs and Services at 262-3003. The appointment must be made by 12:30PM on the day of expected attendance. 

Students are still expected to visit their intended department before signing up for the workshop, and will need to provide the name of their advisor when signing up for a session. The workshops will last no more than 30 minutes. 

Please contact Undergraduate Programs and Services at 262-3003 or if you need more information.