BioRefinery/BioEnergy Summit – Dec. 11

UW-Madison faculty and staff are among the presenters and participants in an upcoming BioRefinery/BioEnergy Summit – Reducing the Risks in Migrating Vision to Production. December 11. More information is available at

Organizers describe the BioRefinery/BioEnergy Summit as a conversation joining thought and action leaders from multiple backgrounds, all motivated by the same goals:

  • Aid the United States in meeting its energy and fuel demands with alternative feedstocks and processes
  • Leverage best practices from related industries to ensure commercial viability of this burgeoning industry
  • Identify contemporary technologies which provide safe operations, environmental protection and sustainable commercial viability


This event will be restricted to 50 delegates. Topics addressed include:

  • Government perspective on the importance of bioenergy
  • Feedstock availability/ sustainability
  • Process and feedstock research methodologies
  • Pilot plant to production scale up
  • Governmental and legislative support for alternative fuels development
  • Best practices in project implementation
  • Role of automation technologies in risk mitigation and schedule optimization