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  • New NSF Conflict of Interest reporting guidelines
  • Formula Grant (142) Deadline – Fiscal Year 2008
  • Formula Grant (142) Rebudgeting Requests
  • Research Assistant Salary Reminder
  • Jennifer Pang Contact Information

New NSF Conflict of Interest reporting guidelines
NSF has announced new Conflict of Interest reporting requirements taking effect. Please be aware that any individuals who have change in their reportable activities throughout the year must update their Outside Activities report when those changes occur and not only during the annual reporting period. They expect this to be a seamless transition which ensures campus units are not asked to provide additional information or take additional steps at award set up.

Formula Grant (142) Deadline – Fiscal Year 2008 (October 1, 2007-September 30, 2008)
Travel expenses and internal expenses (MDS, requisitions, inter-departmental billing, etc) incurred during September must be submitted prior to October 10, 2008. Please attach supporting documents along with the related forms. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Pang at or 0-2249.

Formula Grant (142) Rebudgeting Requests
Beginning with fiscal year 2009 (October 1, 2008), the WAES is requesting written justification from the Principal Investigator (PI) for all requests to rebudget between categories. Approvals of rebudget requests will be sent to the PI, Administrator, and Financial Specialist. Please contact Jennifer Pang at or 0-2249 if you have any questions.

Research Assistant Salary Reminder
Formula Grant (142) projects allow RA salaries up to 50% of the RA appointment. For fiscal year 2009, the allowable monthly RA salary is $1,633 ($19,596 annual). All changes outside of the 50% limit require a written justification from the PI sent to Angela Seitler at for approval prior to the deviation.

Jennifer Pang Contact Information
Please update your email contact information for Jennifer Pang to ensure that email is sent to