RSP campus contact changes

With Diane Barrett moving from RSP to SoHE, she will no longer serve as the campus-wide contact for proposal submission. Read on to determine who to list as the authorized authority or who to contact with questions.

Anything that requires an authorized institutional signature (paper submissions, signed coverpages, letters of intent, letters of commitment) should list Kim Moreland as the authorized institutional authority. Her contact information is, phone: 608-262-3822, fax: 608-262-5111 and can be accessed at

The authorized institutional authority for SF424R&R Coverpage is Stephanie Gray at RSP. You will also need to specify the next reviewer on any proposal, which should be Carol Hillmer or your pre-award department contact. For general questions or to get your required profile set-up, email
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Fastlane will automatically fill the campus contact information. For general questions about using the program or getting a profile set-up, contact your department pre-award specialist at the CALS Research Division.
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For questions related to who should be listed as institutional official or other general questions, visit the CALS Research Division website to identify your pre-award department contact.