Workshop on active learning for those who teach life science courses — Sept. 27

On Saturday, September 27, the Department of Zoology is co-hosting a free workshop on active learning for all faculty, instructors, lecturers, adjuncts, and teaching assistants who teach life science courses to majors or non-majors. Topics covered will include infusing traditional lecture courses with short and simple activities, making effective use of technology, and designing entire courses that embrace active learning methods. Practical, hands-on sessions will give you ideas and experiences that you can adapt for your own teaching needs.

The workshop sessions will be facilitated by award-winning educators from across the country, each with a wealth of classroom experience in teaching undergraduate students. We hope that our colleagues from all University of Wisconsin campuses will join us in sharing “best practices” for motivating and preparing students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for success in advanced coursework, scientific research, clinical medicine, teaching, and other careers.

The event is free of charge, and food will be provided to all attendees. To register, please complete the registration form and questionnaire at:

Please forward this invitation to any interested parties, including adjuncts and teaching assistants.

Scheduled presenters/facilitators (Research interests)

  • Scott Freeman, University of Washington (Molecular systematics and evolution; impact of active learning strategies on student learning in college science courses)
  • John Merrill, Michigan State University (Microbiology and molecular genetics of algae; development of on-line resources for teaching introductory biology)
  • Melissa Michael, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Instruction)
  • Randall W. Phillis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Neurogenetics and Developmental Neurobiology; Assessment of model-based reasoning in biological sciences)
  • Dee Silverthorn, University of Texas, Austin, School of Biological Science (Teaching and learning in the interactive classroom ; author of Human Physiology: An interactive approach)
  • Bill Wood, University of Colorado, Boulder (Genetic control and molecular biology of embryonic development in C. elegans; biology education.)