WAES – 142 Formula Grant Notices/Reminders

Center Billing Charges

  • Center billing charges include, but are not limited to, interdepartmental services provided, such as Fleet, fuel, greenhouse, storage, etc.
  • To ensure timely payments for interdepartmental services, please submit interdepartmental billing forms monthly or quarterly.
  • Please avoid billing for the entire year at June 30 fiscal year end, so that there is sufficient time to follow up with any questions.

Supporting Documents Needed

We are required to retain documentation for expenditures on federally funded programs, including 142 funds, for audit purposes. Further details of the guidelines that apply to CSREES Formula Grants are found at Please attach supporting documents such as receipts, invoices, any pre-approval authorizations if required, conference/meeting agendas, and travel itineraries for purchases and services provided.
Examples of items that should have supporting documentation attached include:

  • · AG Car Fleet authorization and report form
  • · Travel Expense Reports
  • · Payment to Individuals Reports
  • · Direct Payment Forms
  • · Interdepartmental Billing Forms
  • · Purchasing Statements (for purchases on Pro-Cards)
  • · Cost Transfer Forms (non-salary) – More information about cost transfer forms is provided on CALS Business Services website