New procedures for funding

Info on new procedures for funding …

1) Streamlining Check Requests to move funds from the UW Foundation to UW-Madison
An important change in the way gift funds are moved from the UW Foundation to fund 233 accounts at UW-Madison has been made effective August 4, 2008. This change is being made as a result of the work of the Business Services Administrative Process Redesign (APR) team and key stakeholders. This group studied the current process using Lean Six Sigma tools and developed the improved, streamlined process. They estimate using the new process will shorten the time for transfer of funds by at least 9 days.
Please begin using the new process immediately. Any requests currently in the pipeline which were initiated using the old process will be processed as in the past, with the UWF check being returned to the school/center/college which requested the funds. You can access details regarding the new changes/process at: and a short “How To” page can also be viewed at
Note: Requests should route to CALS Research Division, 146 Agricultural Hall. CALS Research Division and CALS Business Services are working together to facilitate this change in process. Questions may be directed to Casey Hillmer at 2-2397

2) Procedures regarding “Bench Fees”
Occasionally, visitors (e.g., students, academics, scientists) come to UW-Madison under a visiting of exchange opportunity. Such an arrangement carries with it the general purpose of educating the person and is with an educational or higher education institution. Under these arrangements, some institutions (often international institutions) provide “bench fees” or support in the form of a check payable to UW-Madison.
CALS has worked with RSP on a procedure to facilitate the handling of “bench fees.” The procedure, which details the process for arrangements with institutions, as well as with for-profit sponsors) is available on CALS Research Division website at:
If you have specific questions regarding bench fees, please contact Meredith Luschen at, 1-1500.