Senior editor at Nature will speak here on June 16

Natalie DeWitt, a senior editor at Nature, will be on campus Monday, June 16th to give a public lecture about her experiences working at this prestigious science journal. DeWitt’s talk will be held from 12-1 p.m. in room 1111 of the Genetics/Biotechnology Center, and will cover the challenges of science writing, her responsibilities as an editor, and science publishing in general. Immediately following her talk, DeWitt will be available to answer student questions during a special lunch session held in Bock Labs’ Penthouse.

DeWitt’s lecture is being sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) graduate program, as part of an ongoing program to bring distinguished alumni to campus to showcase the wide variety of career options available in the biological sciences field.

Natalie DeWitt received her PhD from UW-Madison’s CMB Program in 1994, and then went on to complete post-doctoral positions at both Princeton and Yale. She left the bench in 1999 to become an editor at Nature Biotechnology, before moving into her current position in 2001. She currently specializes in developmental and stem cell biology, and also serves as editor at large for Nature Reports Stem Cells.

Please contact CMB coordinator Michelle Holland at to register for the student lunch, or to set up a meeting with DeWitt. Her campus host, biochemistry professor and Biotechnology Center director Michael R. Sussman, can be reached at