Grading process, Summer 2008

Please note: Grade rosters and control lists for classes ending prior to August 8th will be available on the Thursday of the final week of the class. Those ending on August 8th will be available on August 11th. We encourage faculty to submit grades as soon after the class ends as is possible. A nightly posting of newly submitted grade rosters will be run and students will have immediate access to their grades via My UW Madison. This is particularly important this Summer as ISIS will be out of commission from August 1-10 and instructors will be unable to grade during that period. The following schedule is also available online.

  • Aug. 1 — Grade rosters and control lists produced for classes ending August 8 (Debbie Moy)
  • Aug. 1-10 — Grading system unavailable.
  • Aug. 11 — Grading system available to instructors.
  • Aug 21 — 12 PM (end of Thursday). Final deadline for grade submission by instructors. Rosters will be closed down and not available for grade entry after this time.
  • Aug. 21 — 12 PM (end of Thursday). Change all missing grades to “NR” (not reported)
  • Aug. 22 — Run Academic Standing Actions process (Donna Markgraf)
  • Aug. 22 — Run Honors and Awards (Donna Markgraf)
  • Aug. 22 — Distribute report of Standing Actions and Honors and Awards to Schools/Colleges (Donna Markgraf)
  • Aug. 22 — 4 PM. All Academic Standing Action and Honors/Awards changes from Schools/Colleges due back in Registrar’s Office
  • Aug. 25 – Aug. 29 — Run student grade reports (Debbie Moy)
  • Week of Aug. 25 — Mail student grade reports

This schedule of events applies only to classes ending on or before August 8th. It does not apply to classes ending after this date. It does not apply to classes taught by the Law School. It does not apply to classes whose grading is done through the OASIS system used by the Medical School.