Lee Hood and Oliver Smithies present symposium May 29

The first 1st Oliver Smithies Symposium will be held May 29 at 1:45 p.m. in the Ebling Center in the Microbial Sciences Building. Following an introduction by CALS Dean Molly Jahn, Lee Hood of the University of Washington, will speak on “Systems Biology and Systems Medicine,” after which Oliver Smithies will speak on “Turning Pages—from Gels to Genes” (at about 3 p.m.). The afternoon scientific program will culminate with a roundtable discussion (at 4 p.m.), when Lee and Oliver will share views, historical perspectives and philosophical insights gained from their lives in science. Please share this information with all who are interested by downloading and posting the symposium flyer.

In keeping with his generous spirit, Oliver Smithies has donated part of the proceeds of his Nobel Prize to the UW-Madison sponsor an ongoing series of colloquia. Earlier this year Smithies won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in recognition of his fundamental research in genome engineering with mouse embryonic stem cells. This led to many important scientific outcomes including the development of “knockout mice”. Much of this pioneering work was done at the UW-Madison, where he was Professor of Genetics for many years.

Frederick R. Blattner, Oliver Smithies Professor of Genetics