Help CALS One-A-Week Club alleviate summer blood shortages

The CALS & Friends One-A-Week Club notes that there are two changes on the May blood drive calendar. The club’s May newsletter has details. The club makes a huge impact on helping maintain a stable blood supply. Currently we are at 96 donations!!!! The total for all of last year was 112 donations. You not only save lives of patients but help entire families when their loved one receives blood products (read one family’s story.)

When you make a blood donation at a blood drive, Union South/Youngblood (closed for the summer) or the Red Cross all you have to do to credit our club is record your donation in the One A Week record book at the refreshment table following your donation. If you are at a blood drive & no record book is available you can email Julie Young ( to ensure that UW CALS & Friends (Club #111) is credited. See the June blood drive calendar.

Meet the Need Summer Campaign. Every summer, blood and platelet donations lag as many donors vacation or become occupied with summer activities and neglect to donate. The sometimes dire situation can be exacerbated by an approximate 50 percent drop in blood donations from high school and college-aged donors, because school is not in session and campus blood drives don’t occur. What’s more, the eligible blood donor pool in the United States was recently confirmed to be nearly half as large as previously thought – just 38 percent of the U.S. population – once taking into account common deferral criteria in addition to age. And only a fraction of those eligible – about 8 percent – actually donate blood. To ensure stable blood supplies for area hospitals and patients, the American Red Cross developed a campaign focused on raising awareness of the challenging summer months for blood donations. We hope to engage new and current donors through frequent communication and special promotions that encourage them to donate and Meet the Need for blood this summer.