WISPER — helpful hints

WISPER — helpful hints

(1) Attention Internet Explorer users: For those of you experiencing difficulties launching Microsoft Word & Excel attachments using WISPER in an Internet Explorer browser, RSP has a tip that may help in many of the cases. Please see: for more information. If you have any questions, please contact

(2) Naming Attachments: FYI — Attachments cannot have file names longer than 64 characters.

(3) WISPER Updates: RSP is continuing to work on updating WISPER to ensure it meets campus needs. They have created a page on their WISPER website that will continually be updated, listing WISPER functionality changes. Some will affect only specific processes and specific users (i.e., Division, RSP), but all modifications to WISPER will be listed. RSP training materials will be updated as time permits. Questions about any of the changes implemented or suggestions for improvements to the system, please email

(4) Entering Commitments into WISPER: RSP has provided some responses to frequently asked Commitment questions on its website at This information provides guidance on how to enter commitments into WISPER and how those will be reflected in ECRT. The page is linked from the WISPER help information, Madison Effort FAQs, and Madison Effort Reference pages. If you have additional questions or input, please use the links on the
bottom of that page regarding “Advice and Guidance”.