WALSAA and Daughters of Demeter Honor Students

WALSAA sponsored a luncheon on Friday, May 2, 2008 to recognize students who play an active role in the CALS community. The new and graduating classes of CALS Ambassadors (top left) were acknowledged for their service. Incoming Ambassadors included Erika Anderson, Christa Behnke, Dana Lynn Erickson, Adam Geiger, Spencer Moore, Andrew Mulrooney, Alex Newman, Andrew Renaud, Kelsey Stein, and Ryan Stenjem. Outgoing Ambassadors included Linda Behling, Katie Behnke, Ann Huenink, Pat Ludwig, Andrew Peterson, Matt Repinski, Scott Sternweiss, Tanya Zimmerman, and Tim Clark.

Winners of the Outstanding Sophomore Awards were also honored. WALSAA and the Daughters of Demeter awarded a total of thirteen merit based scholarships worth $1,000 each.

WALSAA recipients (right) included Michelle Brenner, Elizabeth Chadwick, Claudia Hardie, Lydia Hardie, Alex Newman, Katherine Pankratz, Sunyoung Park, Amber Rassbach, Ashley Sprengeler, and Leng Xiong.

Daughters of Demeter recipients (bottom left) included Michelle Brenner, Karrie Ann Radovich, and Sally Turpin.