WE Energies Scholarship Program

WE Energies supports the development of renewable energy technologies as part of a long-term strategy for providing low-cost, environmentally sound energy options to its customers. To help in furthering this objective, the 2008 Renewable Energy Scholarship Program will provide grant funds to individuals for purposes of attending a renewable energy conference. Individuals eligible to participate in the program include:

Faculty members in good standing at secondary schools, colleges, technical colleges, and universities located within We Energies electric service territory.

Full-time staff members of non-profit organizations engaged in activities directly related to the renewable energy industry, such as education and/or policy development, where such activities have a direct impact within We Energies’ electric service territory.

Private industry representatives whose company is located within We Energies electric service territory, whose company is engaged in the development or manufacturing of a renewable energy product or technology, and/or whose company is actively pursuing the installation of an onsite renewable energy generating facility. Applicants must be full-time employees in good standing and directly engaged in renewable energy related activities.

The program has identified seven conferences that meet program requirements (see application for details). In addition, an eighth option is offered where applicants may pick a renewable energy conference of their choice that best suits their needs, provided the conference meets program requirements.

Please see (look for the “Scholarships” link) for program details.

***Please keep in mind that you are only allowed one scholarship per year through this program.

Jessica Thibodo-Johnson
we energies
Advocacy and Energy Options