April 1 campus Showcase shares ideas for working more effectively

You are invited to attend the ninth annual campus Showcase on Tuesday, April 1st at the Memorial Union from 8:00-1:00. You can attend the whole event, or portions. Showcase is focused on sharing innovative ideas for improving work processes.

We are all striving to find the most effective and efficient ways to do our work. Showcase is an opportunity to learn from others across campus. Over 50 examples this year range from grants processing, to data query systems, to serving students, to technology enhanced learning, to conserving energy. Faculty, staff, and administrators can learn from their peers who are showcasing their practices through poster sessions and workshops – we encourage “stealing” good ideas and adapting them for use in your unit.

  • 8:00-10:10 a.m.
    Posters and workshops
  • 10:45-11:30 a.m.
    Speakers will include Chancellor John Wiley, Provost Pat Farrell, Vice Chancellor for Administration Darrell Bazzell, Nancy Mathews-Reaccreditation Project Director, and Alice Gustafson-Administrative Process Redesign Project Manager.
  • 12:00-1:00 p.m.
    Keynote speaker will be Sherwin Greenblatt, former CEO of Bose Corporation and Senior Vice President at MIT who will provide an insightful and entertaining comparison of change in the corporate world and a major research institution.

Chairs, directors, managers and supervisors, I urge you to attend, and to allow your staff to attend without the loss of pay. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to identify potential improvements that will benefit your work units.

Showcase is free, but please register. Continental breakfast starts at 7:45 a.m. and a box lunch is provided for those who register for the keynote presentation.

To register and learn more about Showcase: This site also includes more detail on the program schedule.
For questions or suggestions, contact the Office of Quality Improvement at 262-6843

Patrick Farrell, Provost, UW-Madison