Program offers grants to build research ties between Canada, Mexico and U.S.

The North American Research Linkages Program provides assistance to teams of researchers from Canada, the United States and Mexico in order to organize seminars, workshops, or other forms of research linkages. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada will offer grants of up to CDN $20,000 to assist in the establishment or the development of North American research networks in support of projects that have policy relevance for the North American agenda.

Topics that are highly relevant to Canada-United States-Mexico relations include: sustainable development (including energy and the environment), human capital (e.g. people-to-people linkages), security and public safety, competitiveness and innovation, cross-border cooperation, and culture and identity.

Applications will be considered in accordance with the procedures, guidelines and conditions outlined below.


Research team: a research team is defined as a group of at least three researchers with at least one having completed graduate studies (Ph.D. or equivalent).


To be eligible, a proposal must meet the following requirements:

  1. A research team must be comprised of members from an academic institution in each of the three countries.
  2. Each team member shall be actively engaged and demonstrate experience in research related to the linkages project;
  3. Show that this proposal’s goal is to foster academic mobility and exchange of information and not to finance research;
  4. Include a strategy/critical path to pursue linkages after the initial activity; an important component in the evaluation of the proposal will be the team’s proposed follow-up activities in ensuring sustainability of the research network.
  5. Include a detailed budget indicating all expected expenditures and potential sources of revenue other than the Canadian government.
  6. Applications must be submitted in either English or French.

Note: Purely scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, etc. which would not lead to a better knowledge and understanding of Canada and North American issues per se are not eligible, nor are proposals which focus exclusively on technological or methodological issues.

Deadline May 1, 2008

Application procedure
With the official endorsement of his/her institution, and having constituted a research team, the designated principal researcher, to be located in Mexico or the United States, should submit an application to the relevant Canadian Embassy. See below for full contact information.

Applications must be sent electronically and include the following:

  1. Project title;
  2. A summary of the proposed activity; emphasis should be on the objectives and the expected results (maximum four pages). The summary should include a complete schedule of activities, including proposed dates for all events leading to the completion of the activity(ies) and identify expected participants, partner institutions or organizations. Please note that all events/projects must be completed by March 31, 2009.
  3. For each team:
  4. a) name and mailing address of project leader(s) (including a brief c.v.)
  5. b) short presentation of other research teams’ members.
  6. c) description of the state of the research work to date (maximum one page)
  7. d) if applicable, a list of research grant(s) received for that research;
  8. A detailed budget including all estimated expenses and potential sources of revenue. Eligible costs under this program include travel, accommodation, honoraria, per diems for team members, communications (telephone, fax, postage), administrative assistance, stationery and photocopying related to the linkages project; no provision is made for release time stipends, salaries or overhead costs to the institution(s).
  9. Institutions may request funding up to $15,000CDN; applicants whose project focuses on the priority topics above and who can demonstrate matching funds from other sources may request funding up to $20,000CDN;
  10. Identification of the team that will administer the grant.

Note: The recipients are responsible for making all arrangements relating to the project including: international travel, visas (if applicable), accommodation, medical and life insurance, etc. The event(s) must be completed by March 31, 2009 (or in the first three weeks of April for exceptional cases only).

All applications will be peer reviewed by a jury established by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada which will include Canadian and foreign academics. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade will do the final selection following a review of complete applications and recommendations of the selection committee. All applicants will be notified in writing of the results of their application, normally within 90 days of the deadline for submission of applications.

Please also note that applications can only originate from American and Mexican institutions and must be submitted via the Canadian Embassies in Washington, D.C. and Mexico City respectively. Eligibility requirements and application procedures can be found on each of the Embassy’s respective websites indicated below.

Inquiries from U.S. based institutions should be directed to Mr. Dan Abele at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC:

Daniel Abele, Ph.D
Academic Relations Officer
Embassy of Canada
501 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001
Tel.: 202-682-7717
Fax: 202-682-7791

Inquiries from Mexican based institutions should be directed to Mr. Luis Archundia at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City:

Luis Archundia
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Embassy of Canada
Calle Schiller 529, Polanco, 11580
Mexico City- Mexico
Tel: +011 (5255) 5724-7955
Fax: +011 (5255) 5724-7981

Any inquiries from Canadian institutions should be directed to the attention of Nancy Hector at Information on the program, in both official languages, can also be found on the DFAIT website at:

Payment procedure
Successful applicants will be sent a Grant Agreement detailing the value and conditions of the award. It must be signed and returned to the relevant Canadian Embassy within thirty (30) days. The award will be paid after receipt by the Canadian Embassy of the signed Grant Agreement. Please note that this is a one-time, non-renewable grant.

Report of activities
Within three months of the completion of the activities, a complete report must be submitted to the relevant Canadian Embassy. The report should focus on demonstrating how and to what degree the objectives and expected results were attained and include a section on “next steps” that will be taken to pursue future linkages. The assistance of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada must be acknowledged during the linkages activities and, if applicable, in any publications resulting from the research.