Students have until March 28 to try for $10,000 prize in Burrill business plan contest

Please help us encourage UW students to develop their problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial mindsets by reminding them that they may still enter this year’s G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition!

This contest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students across campus, and we help students learn how to assemble compelling business plans through a set of free seminars on key topics. Seminars are open to everyone, and we hope students will come to remaining events this spring even if they don’t intend to compete this year.

In previous years, students have developed ideas for businesses in high-tech software, renewable energies, consumer goods, agricultural devices, and medical tools.

NEW this year: we will welcome plans for both hi-tech AND non-technology based businesses!

Students compete for cash prizes up to $10,000, and written plans are due on Friday, March 28, 2008 after spring break.

Thank you for your time and your help in sharing this great opportunity with your students!

John Surdyk
UW-Madison School of Business