Academic Staff Professional Development Grant proposals due March 7

The Academic Staff Professional Development Grant Program, authorized by the Board of Regents, sponsored and administered by UW-Madison, is being offered for all UW-Madison academic staff members who hold at least a 50 percent appointment. There will be a competition for the grant period July 1 through December 31, 2008.

Information on the grant program will be announced in Wisconsin Week (copy included) and can be obtained from the web site:

The primary focus of these grants is on professional development and/or (re)training to improve the effectiveness of academic staff members in their current roles. To be eligible for this award, staff must not have been awarded this funding in the previous two rounds of competition (Fall, 2007 or Spring, 2007, for professional development activities occurring July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008). Please encourage your staff to consult either Wisconsin Week, or the web site listed above for the information on the Academic Staff Professional Development Grant Program. An informational Brown Bag will also be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at Noon in the Memorial Union (TITU).

Also enclosed you will find the same materials that are located on the web site: 1) Memo to the academic staff, 2) grant submission procedures, objectives, and criteria, 3) proposal cover page, 4) two-page professional development grant proposal form and 5) detailed budget page. You may duplicate these materials and distribute them to your academic staff or you may refer them to this office for copies (263-2985) if they do not have access to the web site. Examples of some successful grants in PDF format and summaries of previous proposals are listed on the web site.

Please note submission deadlines to:
Department Chair/Director March 7, 2008
Dean/Director March 14, 2008
Secretary of the Academic Staff March 28, 2008

If budget constraints prevent departments from contributing their 50% share of the funding for these grants, we ask that you let affected staff know before they begin working on a grant application.

If you or your colleagues have any questions, please contact Colleen McCabe, Secretary of the Academic Staff, 263-2985,