New Training Requirements for Human Subjects Researchers

UW-Madison requires that all personnel engaged in human subjects research complete a human subjects protection training program before any Institutional Review Board will review a protocol, regardless of the project’s sponsorship. To satisfy this requirement, personnel listed on an IRB protocol must take UW-Madison’s on-line Human Subjects Protection training. As of January 1 of this year, this training will be offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

If you have completed the “old” UW-Madison Human Subjects Tutorial and/or you are currently listed as key personnel on a UW human subjects protocol, then you have received (via email from the Office of Research Policy) a copy of the New Human Research Training Requirement Memo. This memo describes the new Human Research Training Requirements accepted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 7, 2007. All research personnel engaged in human subjects research must complete the new training offered through CITI by December 31, 2008. If you have not previously completed the UW-Madison Human Subjects Tutorial and will be associated with a new or continuing human subjects protocol in 2008, you will need to take the new tutorial before the protocol is submitted to an IRB.

1. Human Subjects Protection for Social & Behavioral Science Researchers

2. Human Subjects Protection for Biomedical Researchers

3. Human Subjects Protection for Both Biomedical & Social and Behavioral Science Researchers

Training modules can be completed at your convenience, in one sitting of approximately 2+ hours or in shorter periods over a span of time. Until all required modules (from 8 to 11) within a course have been completed, your status in the CITI site will show as ‘Incomplete/Re-enter.’ Once all modules have been completed and you have passed quizzes with an aggregate score of 85% or above, you will be able to print a completion report—and UW-Madison will be able to verify that you have met the training requirements.

When you need to take the training, you will be able to log-in at: