Attention: Issues associated with Conversion to WISPER and PeopleSoft Grants

With the upcoming conversion of campus systems, access will be unavailable to PALS and updated WISDM information, as well as other campus systems, during the conversion period. Users should understand that from the point when conversion begins (around February 8th) through the end of February, new accounts and awards will not be set up. Therefore, please look carefully at any and all pending awards affecting your departments/centers. We encourage actions which may be pending in regard to awards be resolved within the next two weeks; also, if you know an award is forthcoming and have documentation to support such, please process an “account number in advance request” immediately. Again, new accounts and awards which are not in place before conversion begins, will be delayed into March. Any questions in this regard, please contact Carol Hillmer 5-5495 as soon as possible.