Research administration 101 training series

A research administration training series has been developed by campus to provide a basic foundation for personnel involved with research administration. The series will begin in January, running through May, with a two hour session once each month (details about each session is provided below). Registration should be opened next week — go to Graduate School Seminar and Workshop Series on OHRD’s website:

Location: 1003 Engineering Center, 1550 Engineering Drive, from 9 – 11 a.m
Intended Audience: Research administrators and researchers.
Limit: Due to space limitations, only 90 can enroll.

Session 1: Basics of Research Administration
Tuesday, Jan. 15
Presenters: Sandi Robins, Carol Hillmer, Tammy Kuhn Martin, Petra Schroeder, Linda Johnson, Sharon Vetter, Beth Walsh
Description: An introduction to research administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison including Definitions, Resources, Roles and Responsibilities, and Regulations.

Session 2: Proposal Development
Thursday, Feb. 14
Presenters: Debbie Meltzer, Meredith Luschen, Sharon Vetter
Description: Basics of preparing a proposal, getting it approved and submitted including Cost principles, sponsor guidelines, rates, electronic systems and routing.

Session 3: Agreement Types
Thursday, March 13
Presenters: Tammy Kuhn Martin, Dawn Herrick, Steve Harsy
Descriptions: An explanation of the types of extramural agreements that facilitate research including Material Transfer Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Cooperative Agreements, Grants, Contracts, Gifts, Fixed Price Agreements and Fee-for-Service Agreements.

Session 4: Award Management
Thursday, April 17
Presenters: Carol Hillmer, Paul Jelle, Petra Schroeder
Description: What needs to be done to manage an award including monitor project spending, cost transfers, financial reporting, terms and conditions, audits, cash deposits, invoicing.

Session 5: Compliance for the Research Administrator
Thursday, May 15
Presenters: Tracy Ohrt, Jim Wells
Description: An introduction to areas of research where sponsor or government requirements must be observed: use of human or animal subjects, biosafety, effort certification, financial disclosure, export controls, financial and scientific reporting.