Center for Biology Education receives NSF grant for undergrad research and mentoring program

The Center for Biology Education received nearly $1 million from the National Science Foundation to develop an Undergraduate Research and Mentoring program at UW-Madison. Janet Branchaw (PI, CBE) and Christine Pfund (co-PI, Delta Program and Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching) will lead the initiative, which will engage students in interdisciplinary biological sciences research at UW-Madison. Their proposal was one of only 10 funded nationally. The primary goal of the program will be to directly prepare a more diverse population of students, including transfer students, to pursue and complete graduate education in emerging, interdisciplinary areas of biological sciences research. The program will serve students from across campus and be housed at the Institute for Cross-college Biology Education. It will work collaboratively with other programs on campus that recruit and support students from underrepresented groups in science (e.g. PEOPLE, WiscAMP, Chemistry & Physics Learning Centers, Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholarship programs, the Midwest Alliance in Science Technology, Engineering and Math for students with disabilities).

The 3 year (soph – senior) program will build on the Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program for freshman, and be linked to research mentor training through the Entering Mentoring seminar, which was developed by Bacteriology Professor Jo Handelsman’s Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching.

Several program activities, including a series of research seminar courses, will be available to all undergraduate students.

Contact Janet Branchaw for information on how you or your students can get involved (, 262-1182).