Lose the Podium! — a place to share ideas on teaching and learning — Nov. 9 & Dec. 10

It’s every instructor’s nightmare. You go into a class with a “great” plan to engage students, but for some reason it just falls kerplop. How do you recover quickly enough to make the learning time valuable? If you’d like to get some answers or if you have ideas of your own, come to “Recovering from the dreaded ‘plop,'” the Nov. 9 session of the “Lose the Podium,” a new discussion series focused on ideas for making classes more interesting and engaging. The series is sponsored by the CALS Teaching and Learning Council. Upcoming sessions include:

• Friday, Nov 9 Lose the Podium: Recovering from the Dreaded ‘Plop’
• Monday, Dec 10 Lose the Podium: Great Beginnings and Fabulous Finishes

Each brown bag session will take place from noon until 1 p.m. in Room 6201 Microbial Sciences Building. Bring your lunch (food is available nearby at the Babcock Dairy Store) and examples of your own pretty good practices to share. For further information contact Monica Theis at