Needed: post-docs to study forest plant community change

Botany prof Don Waller has put out this request for help in finding suitable candidates to fill two post-doctoral positions:In the first project, we are evaluating 50-60 year changes in species composition and ecological conditions in Wisconsin forest plant communities. Our goals are to determine how ecological conditions interact with species characteristics to affect community dynamics. We are particularly interested in learning how site and landscape conditions interact with plant functional traits to determine how well species persist or colonize a site, and deterministic vs. stochastic factors in local extinction.

In the other, related, project, we are studying historical and current patterns of weedy plant invasion into the forests of S and N Wisconsin, focusing primarily on Alliaria petiolata, Rhamnus cathartica, and Lonicera x bella. We are interested in evaluating how local site and surrounding landscape conditions combine to affect patterns of invasion; the impacts of these invaders on tree regeneration and understory diversity; and how invading plants interact with exotic earthworms and deer herbivory to affect forest understory communities. For this project,someone with GIS and data analysis skills is preferred.
Thank you for your help in bringing these positions to the attention of qualified candidates.