New tool to manage advisee emails

On Wednesday, August 22, DoIT is launching a free new service that will enable advisors to better manage email communications with their advisees. It’s called AdvisorLists, and it functions similarly to ClassLists, another DoIT service. With AdvisorLists, advisors will have access to many of their advisees’ academic attributes (e.g., major, GPA, email address, expected graduation date) which can be used to create pre-defined email lists tailored to advisors’ communications needs. For instance, if an advisor has information about a scholarship that he or she wants to send only to freshmen and sophomores with a certain GPA in a particular major, AdvisorLists can set these parameters. The email lists are created once and can be reused as often as necessary. The student data that feeds the lists is automatically updated twice daily.

AdvisorLists builds on the email functionality already available through the My UW Academics tab. In the “List of Advisees” module on My UW, advisors have access to a wide range of information about their advisees and are able to send ad hoc email messages to a dynamically-selected list of recipients. AdvisorLists gives advisors additional control over who and how they send email messages through the creation of permanent email lists.

The AdvisorLists service will soon be available as the link “Manage Advisee Emails with AdvisorLists” under the Advising Resources module on the My UW Academics tab to access the service.