Be aware of errors in exam times and dates posted online

A software problem was recently discovered that impacts several Fall 2007–08 final exam times and dates. These final exam times were appearing incorrectly both in the My UW Faculty Center and on the web Timetable. These final exam times and dates have been corrected and now appear properly in the My UW Faculty Center, My UW Student Center and web Timetable.

Please log into My UW and go to the Faculty Center module to view your Fall 2007-08 class sections. Click on each of your classes (left column) to view the Class Details page. Scroll down to the very last section of the Class Details page for the corrected final exam date and time. Please announce this final exam change to enrolled students periodically throughout the Fall term and be sure your syllabus states the correct final exam date and time. An email has also been sent to potentially affected students asking them to also check their Student Center Exam Schedule page for the corrected exam date and time.

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