Not too late to put books on reserve

Did you miss the August 10th deadline for sending your list of course reserves to Steenbock Library? If so, you’re not alone! You can still send in your list, and the sooner you do so, the sooner materials will be available for your students.

August 10th was the deadline for guaranteeing that your readings will all be available by the first day of classes. Lists received after the 10th are processed in the order they are received. So if you missed that deadline, just send your requests in as soon as possible. The sooner your list is received, the greater the chance that the materials will be available by the time your students need them.

You may submit your complete list of items to be placed on reserve by any of these routes:

  • In person at the Steenbock Reserves Desk
  • By campus mail addressed to Reserves Department, Steenbock Library, 550 Babcock Drive
  • Via the on-line Request Form at
  • By email sent to

For additional information, visit the Steenbock reserve desk website or contact Sylvia Pfender, Head of Reserves at 263-8331 or

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