Alternative Cash Grain Crops Field Day at Spooner ag research station

sunflowers_.jpgThe Spooner Ag Research Station will host an Alternative Cash Grain Crops Field Day on August 2, 2007 from 10:30 to 12:00. Sunflowers, Canola, Camelina, Spring Wheat and Conventional Soybean management topics will be presented. There is considerable interest in other cash grain crop alternatives. Sunflowers, canola, camelina and soybeans are oil crops that could be grown to produce your own bio-diesel. The Spooner Ag Research Station has a sunflower date of planting trial and a variety trial that will be viewed while discussing sunflower production management. Canola variety trials were conducted on the station the past several years. Results of canola trials and production management will be presented as well as viewing canola at various growth stages. Camelina is a crop that is gaining popularity for oil crushing in the state of Montana. Come find see a demonstration plot of camelina and find out more about this crop.

Spring wheat and conventional soybeans will also be featured as viable cash grain alternatives. Area marketing opportunities for grain and straw have some grain crop producers adding spring wheat to their rotation. The Spooner Ag Research Station has two spring wheat research trials this year. There is a variety trial with 14 spring wheat varieties and a nitrogen rate trial with nitrogen rates from 0 to 100 lbs/A. University of Wisconsin Agronomy Department Outreach Specialist, John Gaska, will talk about management of spring wheat.

With over 90% of the soybeans in the United States containing the Roundup Ready gene, markets have developed which pay a premium for conventional soybeans. Weed control options for conventional soybeans will be discussed. Additionally the Spooner Ag Research Station has 2 soybean trials that will be viewed. The UW-soybean variety trial and a soybean seeding rate & seed treatment trial will be shown.

The Spooner Ag Research Station is located on the east edge of Spooner on Hwy 70. Driving directions are: from Hwy 53 turn west on Hwy 70 OR from Hwy 63 turn east on Hwy 70. For more information call 715-635-3735.