Transmittal forms required

Please be reminded that the campus Extramural Support Transmittal Form (T-form) is required for all submissions (i.e., new proposals/contracts/agreements, renewals, continuations, supplements, revisions, etc.). With many agencies transitioning to electronic mechanisms for proposal submission, we are fortunate to be able to complete much of the proposal process electronically; however, a hardcopy of the T-form must continue to be completed, signed by PI and Department Chair/Designee, and submitted to CALS Research Division.

CALS must indicate approval of the submission by signature on the T-form prior to forwarding to Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) Without these steps completed, RSP will neither review nor approve a submission. Please also remember adherence to the Research Division’s policy that the T-form and proposal items requiring approval be received one week prior to the deadline is helpful to everyone involved to ensure that the submissions leaving our College are complete, accurate, and of the highest quality.

Good news, too! Within the next year, we do expect the paper T-form to be replaced by an electronic routing system. Of course, it will continue to be mandatory that all of the same approvals are in place prior to proposal submission, but the process by which the approvals are obtained will be electronic and will no longer require trips on foot or by bus across campus!