Discretionary Compensation Adjustments and Payments for FY07 Deadline

The deadline for FY07 DCAs and DCPs is fast approaching! If you intend to submit a DCA or DCP for your non-represented classified staff or Wisconsin Professional Employees Council staff and wish to have it processed within the FY07 fiscal year, please keep the following dates in mind:
Base building: Discretionary Compensation Adjustments (DCAs) for fiscal year (2006-07) must be made effective no later than June 10th; otherwise, the increases will be considered as 2007-08 adjustments.

Lump sum: Discretionary Compensation Payments (DCPs) must be paid to recipients no later than June 21st to be included in fiscal year 2006-07.

Therefore all requests for base building DCAs must be to CALS Human Resources by June 8, 2007 in order to be considered in the current fiscal year. Anything received after June 8, 2007 will be applied to FY08.