Use Transfer Credit Evaluations for Advising Students

Those of you who advise students with transfer credit are strongly encouraged to print out their transfer credit evaluation and use it in tandem with their DARS report. A student’s transfer credit evaluation contains important information that a DARS report may not show you. In particular, at the end of the credit evaluation there is a section entitled “Important Notes” which gives details on how courses transferred, lists provisions of a student’s admission, and shows any academic actions associated with a student’s transfer credit or admission.

You can access a student’s transfer credit evaluation via ISIS. Directions for doing this are at the end of this message and can also be downloaded at

here as well as pasting them below. The first time through may seem a bit daunting, but take heart, the more you do this, the more routine it becomes!

Most advisors already have ISIS security to access the transfer credit evaluation. If you find that you do not have ISIS access, go to the ISIS Web site ( and follow the links to request authorization to access Undergraduate Transfer Credit.

Viewing / Printing a Transfer Credit Evaluation<

    Records and Enrollment –Transfer Credit Evaluation –Transfer Credit Summary
  2. Enter your RUN CONTROL
    The “run control” is your own personal run control, somewhat like a password. It can be any code or word you want to use, but use something you won’t forget, e.g. “eval.” To create your run control, select “Add New Value.” After that, just enter your run control and select “Search.”
  3. Enter student’s EMPL ID
    Or click on magnifying glass next to Empl ID field to enter Campus ID & look up Empl ID.
    This will be the first term of enrollment for a transfer student, or the term the transfer courses were taken for a continuing student.
  5. Click on SUBMIT
  6. Cick on GENERATE REPORT, which will change to “Report Manager.”
    Click on REPORT MANAGER.
  7. In the next screen, click on the REFRESH button until the “Status” changes to “Posted.”
    Click on the DETAILS link in the far right column.
  8. In the next screen, click on the PDF link in the left column: SRTCSTEV ######.PDF<
  9. This will open a PDF of the student’s transfer credit evaluation on the Internet. You may view the entire credit evaluation from your computer, save it to your workstation, or print it out.