Apply to Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator program by June 13

The University has received notification from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that they will hold a national competition to select new HHMI investigators in a broad range of disciplines relevant to biological and medical inquiry.

The Institute is approaching this in a new way; researchers will apply directly to HHMI by June 13th. They are not restricting the number of applications from any institution, nor are they requesting institutional endorsement.

Eligible candidates must be in tenured or tenure-track appointments, with at least four but no more than ten years of experience since their first Assistant Professor appointment. They must also be PI on one or more active national, peer-reviewed research grants of at least three years duration (mentored awards or career awards do not qualify). Competition for these appointments will be extremely keen. Only those with outstanding records who have shown evidence of significant originality and productivity should be encouraged to apply.

More information about eligibility, review criteria and the application process is available on the HHMI web site. Please share this information with members of your faculty whom you believe may be the most highly qualified and suitable potential candidates. Although no institutional approval is required, it would be helpful for us to be aware of applicants and we would appreciate a note with the name(s) of nominees from your units (to

Contact Petra Schroeder, Assistant Dean for Research Services, 608-265-4868 or, if you have any questions regarding University arrangements related to this program.