Wisconsin Idea Project seeks help in inventorying UW’s outreach and service work

UW-Madison is embarking on a major commitment to enhance and reconnect its partnerships with the state and become more accountable to Wisconsin citizens. The organizers of this effort, the Wisconsin Idea Project, are asking for help from faculty and staff who are “outreach and service champions” — that is, those who are doing work that affects Wisconsin citizens either directly or indirectly.

A key part of the WIP strategy is to:

  1. Create a comprehensive inventory database of how our education, research, clinical and outreach service activities directly benefit people of the state;
  2. Use that information to demonstrate and enhance our relevance to state citizens; and
  3. Better manage our service activities to create more systematic and sustainable ways for faculty, staff and students to work on issues of significance to the state.

Here’s how to help. If you are doing work that has statewide benefits, please go to the online inventory form located at

A summary of the Wisconsin Idea Project can be downloaded at

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the inventory form, please contact Peyton Smith ( or 262-8214) or Kristi Thorson ( or 262-4809).