You can no longer use 11-digit ID to access remote library resources

Currently, library users can use their 11-digit ID or NetID when accessing licensed resources from off-campus computers, but beginning on March 5th, NetID will be the only option available for authentication.

We have updated the “remote access” web page that users currently see when accessing licensed resources to announce the upcoming change.

It’s important to note that the underlying patron database authorization is not changing, and users will not gain access simply by having a NetID. After authenticating with their NetID, their credentials must still be verified against our Library patron database in order to gain access. This occurs transparently after the NetID login and password are entered.

This change is being made primarily because of security reasons as the NetID and password is inherently more secure than the use of 11-digit and “last name” for authentication purposes.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make this transition as smooth as possible by trying to identify Library patrons that may not be eligible for a NetID. In addition we’ve worked closely with the DoIT Helpdesk to notify them that they will experience an increase in NetID questions during this change. While we realize that making this change during the semester may not be optimal, due to the ongoing security issues, we don’t feel we can wait until after the semester.

If you are aware of any valid Library patrons who may not be eligible for a NetID, please let me know.

Implementing a NetID-only authentication for access to our licensed resources will have no immediate effect on other Library systems that currently use the 11-digit ID (InterLibrary Loan and Voyager). However, upgraded versions of these systems do have some potential to allow for the use of the NetID for authentication. Implementing this will require considerable development effort and will likely be pursued in the future.

Mitch Lundquist, Manager of Computer Operations