Richard Amasino and Nancy Keller receive Kellett Mid-Career Awards

CALS faculty members Richard Amasino, biochemistry, and Nancy Keller, plant pathology, have received Kellett Mid-Career Awards in recognition of their research accomplishments. The Kellett awards recognize the work of faculty five to 20 years beyond their first promotion to a tenured position. The awards, each of which includes $60,000 in unrestricted research support, are conferred annually by a faculty committee in the Graduate School.

Richard Amasino’s research centers on studies of the processes that control flowering in plants. A member of the National Academy of Sciences and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Teaching Professor, Amasino has helped reveal how plants sense seasonal cues to flower at the correct time.

Nancy Keller is an authority on a class of fungi that produce highly toxic and carcinogenic mycotoxins. Her work in the area of mycotoxin gene expression and production has resulted in new methods for drug discovery and insight into toxin gene evolution. She is also involved in a project to develop varieties of peanut plants resistant to aflatoxin for African farmers.

Supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), the awards are named for William R. Kellett, a former president of the WARF board of trustees and retired president of Kimberly-Clark Corp.