Phil Barak is Interim Assistant Dean for Undergrad Programs

The Office of Undergraduate Programs and Services is pleased to welcome Prof. Phil Barak as Interim Assistant Dean. In addition to working with students who need assistance with their academic programs, Phil will work on issues related to the Honors and Undergraduate Research programs and academic instruction. We are delighted to have him on our academic administration team.

Phil is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a faculty member for 15 years in the soil science department. His recent research has focused on rates of soil acidification in agricultural systems of the Midwest and the removal of phosphate from wastewater as struvite using molecular templates.

He is also curator of the Virtual Museum of Mineral and Molecules, an online resource that features interactive 3D visualizations, a recipient of the EduCause Medal (1999), and is a 2006/7 Wisconsin Teaching Scholar. He has served until recently as department curriculum chair, currently chairs the campus-wide IT Committee, and advises undergraduate and graduate students.