Wanted: Evidence of our accomplishments

It’s never been more important to demonstrate to our stakeholders — Wisconsin’s taxpayers, groups representing industries and other interests, and policymakers — that their investment in the UW-Madison is money well spent. The people who have to make that case — Dean Jahn and other UW-Madison administrators and external relations specialists — are hungry for evidence.

Specifically, they’d like to have up-to-date information that demonstrates:

1) Our faculty are leaders in their disciplines. To that end, we’re asking you to send us information about top peer rankings of individuals and departments. This includes rankings by peers in scientific societies, by industry groups and by the general media. It also includes individuals who have been named fellows of professional societies or received major awards or prizes.

2) Our students stand out among their peers across the nation. For this, we’d like to hear about the successes of your students in intercollegiate professional competitions and in competition for major student awards and scholarships.

3) CALS, along with the rest of the UW-Madison, is taking a lead role in creating a culture of enterprise and innovation in Wisconsin. We’d like to have information about businesses or patents developed as a result of UW-Madison research. It also includes companies that you know were started here, or moved here, or expanded to take advantage of the expertise available on the UW-Madison campus.

Please forward this information to Nicole Miller of the CALS communication staff at Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Ben Milller, CALS Assistant Dean for External Relations