CALS Community of Wellness tip: 2023 tax preparation

Don’t forget Monday, April 15, is the deadline for most to file their taxes.

W2 forms are available online at Go to the Payroll Information widget and click on the blue Tax Statements circle. From there, click on W-2 forms under the statement column to which you will be directed to your W-2 form from 2023 (and previous years at UW). 

Need assistance with filing? UW cannot provide individual tax return preparation assistance for legal reasons. However, the Division of Business Services has compiled a list of resources that individuals can connect with to assist them through the tax filing process. Those resources can be found at

You filed your taxes. Now what? Did you need to pay the IRS? Did you receive a tax refund? Based on the outcome of your tax filing, you may want to revisit your W-4 form. Employees can update their W-4 form at any time. This can also be found in the Payroll Information widget, under Tax Statements. Click on the “Update your W4” box.