CALS Community of Wellness invitation: CALS Working Parent Group

As University employees, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for our mental wellbeing, but also the productivity of our departments and success of our college. Adding the pressure of juggling parental responsibilities onto looming work deadlines and new initiatives can lead to fast burnout, employee dissatisfaction and even turnover. Additionally, many of the traditional recommendations for wellness such as getting a good night’s sleep or using your vacation days for vacation, as opposed to wiping boogery noses or holding buckets, just aren’t in a parent’s control. 

One important way to increase parent resiliency in the workplace is forming a community of employees with children. This can be a space for employees to share frustrations, laughs, ideas, resources, joys and hopes. If you are interested in any level of involvement (from a Teams channel to lunch groups), please fill out the interest survey found here. This is an inclusive group. We welcome all employee categories (university staff, academic staff, faculty, etc.), appointments, ethnicities and family structures. If you consider yourself a parent and an employee of CALS, please join us!

CALS Working Parent Group interest form

Additionally, please know that there are resources at the UW available to support parent employees. The Office of Child Care and Family Resources provides support such as free classes and webinars, lactation room maps, and child care assistance. For personal or workplace counseling, well-being coaching, and support navigating tough situations with your supervisor around parent responsibilities, please contact the UW Employee Assistance Office. To start of the new year, consider registering for Extension’s free Raising Wisconsin’s Children conference.