Wolf Prize nominations now open

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Wolf Prizes. The Wolf Prizes in the sciences and the arts are awarded annually since 1978 to outstanding scientists and artists for their achievements for the benefit of humanity and brotherly relations among people, regardless of nationality, race, color, religion, gender, or political views. To date, 373 scientists and artists from all over the world have been awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize.

Prize fields in sciences include Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, and Physics. Prize fields in the Arts include Architecture, Music, Painting and Sculpture. Every year, the Wolf Foundation awards four prizes in the Sciences and one prize in the Arts. Each prize consists of a diploma and $100,000. In the event of co-recipients sharing one prize, the honorarium is equally divided among them.

Submissions are due by Oct. 12. More information can be found on the nomination packet.