CALS Wellness Committee tip: Register for these timely self-care webinars offered via LifeMatters

The CALS Wellness Committee has partnered with LifeMatters, an employee assistance program offered via campus, to bring you three different self-care sessions during the first three months of 2023. Similar sessions were offered during the pandemic and were very well received. Please register for one, two, or all three sessions. We look forward to seeing you there – and feel free to invite your peers across campus to sign up.

Once you register, you will receive a Zoom link for the session. Later, closer to the date of the session, the link will be sent again and the CALS Wellness Committee may share some LifeMatters handouts. Registration links for all three sessions can be found here

Managing Wellbeing: Winter Blues

  • January 19, 12-1pm
  • Registration link:
  • Description: The transition into the winter season can bring lowered energy and a change in mood. Learn the causes and effects of the winter blues. Content includes: do you get the winter blues?; the “blues” vs. Seasonal Affective Disorder; recognizing symptoms; tips for yourself and your family  

Managing Life: Clutter Busters

  • February 16, 1-2pm
  • Registration link:
  • Description: People often note that feeling overwhelmed is the greatest obstacle standing in the way of getting organized. We may feel defeated by simply looking at the cluttered desk, unfinished projects, or the endless piles of paper. Content includes: creating instant results; conquering “trouble zones”; maintaining an organized life

Stress Management: Personal Resilience

  • March 9, 11am-12pm
  • Registration link:
  • Description: One factor influencing our stress level is how well we manage our energy. The concept of energy management is based on a new way of looking at self-discipline. It challenges the widely held view that time management is the key to work/life balance. Content includes: paradigm shift; energy management principles; engaged vs. stressed vs. disengaged; developing positive energy rituals