CALS EDC encourages community members to attend UW’s Sifting & Reckoning exhibit before Dec. 23

In lieu of a scheduled meeting for the December CALS Lunch and Learn session, the Equity and Diversity Committee’s Lunch and Learn subcommittee encourages all CALS community members to attend the “Sifting & Reckoning: UW–Madison’s History of Exclusion and Resistance” exhibition at the Chazen Museum of Art. Taking an interactive and thematic approach to understanding, reflecting, and discussing UW–Madison’s history of exclusion and resistance, the Sifting & Reckoning exhibition includes themes such as student organizations, housing, academic life, and protest provide insight into the various experiences of marginalized students as they navigated the whole of student life.

The Sifting & Reckoning Exhibition it is part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Public History Project, which is a multiyear effort to uncover and give voice to those who experienced, challenged, and overcame prejudice on campus. The project grew out of a campus study group that looked into the history of two UW–Madison student organizations in the early 1920s that bore the name of the Ku Klux Klan. Chancellor Rebecca Blank commissioned the Public History Project as one of several responses to the study group’s findings. The broad intent of the project is to ensure that all students and alumni are aware of the full history of the university, including the accomplishments of campus community members from marginalized populations whose stories previously may have been hidden or not widely known.

Learn more about the Public History Project, and the Sifting & Reckoning Exhibition here

The exhibition runs through December 23, 2022, and there is no cost of admission.