CALS in the News for the week of November 19 – 25

In the News

Stuffing Your Socks With Onions Won’t Cure Your Cold, Flu, Or RSV
BuzzFeed News, 11/21/22
Quoted: Michael Havey, Emeritus, Horticulture

The rule you need eight glasses of water a day is nonsense, study says
New York Post, 11/24/22
Quoted: Dale Schoeller, Emeritus, Nutritional Sciences

Advice to drink eight glasses of water a day may be misleading, research finds
Yahoo! News, 11/24/22
Quoted: Dale Schoeller, Emeritus, Nutritional Sciences

Duplicated Gene Helps Bats Survive “Arms Race” With Viruses
The Scientist, 11/23/22
Quoted: Amy Wray, Alumna, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Autism’s sex bias tied to glial, immune cell gene expression
Spectrum, 11/22/22
Quoted: Donna Werling, Genetics
Quoted: Lee Kissel, Student, Genetics

Triumph of the turkeys: Wild birds flourish in Wisconsin cities and suburbs
Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/24/22
Quoted: David Drake, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW expert weighs in on possible recession, inflation’s impact on students
The Badger Herald, 11/21/22
Quoted: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Human rights issues overshadow Qatar World Cup 2022
The Badger Herald, 11/19/22
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Aran Koob, Student, Biochemistry

New Members Appointed to Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Agriculturist Committee
WNCY-FM, 11/21/22
Quoted: Kevin Krentz, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Luke Lisowe, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Dairy Summit Successful
Mid-West Farm Report, 11/24/22
Mentioned: Maria Woldt, Dairy Innovation Hub

Of Interest

UC strike enters third week as finals near, tensions mount
Los Angeles Times, 11/28/22

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