CALS Wellness Committee tip: Eat your way to well-being

A nutritious diet can help you prevent disease and live a longer, healthier life. If you are interested in eating more produce and feeling your best, register for Well Wisconsin’s Five to Thrive challenge by July 18. The Five to Thrive challenge will have you tracking the fruits and veggies you eat for 21 of 28 days between July 11 and August 7. Participating in the challenge will fulfill your well-being activity (which is 1 of 3 items needed) to earn your $150 Well WI incentive. To register for the challenge, go here.

As a reminder, 3 activities need to be completed by October 14, 2022 to earn a $150 gift card:

  • HEALTH ASSESSMENT: Complete WebMD ONE’s 10-minute health assessment.
  • HEALTH CHECK: Complete one of the following health checks:
    • Biometric screening
    • Dental exam
    • One coaching session
  • WELL-BEING ACTIVITY: There are so many activities to choose from this year including health coaching, Daily Habits plans, two rounds of The Invitational steps challenge and a brand-new nutrition-focused challenge to get your fill of colorful fruit and vegetables.

To start the process go here Questions? Call their Customer Service at 800‑821‑6591.

Information for this article was taken from the 6/22/2022 Well WI email.