CALS in the News for the week of June 18 – 24

In the News

What Are Antioxidants and How Much of Them Should You Be Eating?
SELF, 6/18/22
Mentioned: Bradley Bolling, Food Science

Black bear sightings increase across southeast Wisconsin, 6/23/22
Quoted: Tim Van Deelen, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

After a month of no new bird flu cases, Wisconsin lifts order prohibiting poultry shows ahead of county fair season
Wisconsin Public Radio, 6/22/22
Quoted: Ron Kean, Animal and Dairy Sciences

Sen. Baldwin announces $80 million USDA investment to support Wisconsin Dairy industry
WMTV, 6/20/22
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Federal dairy innovation program gets a boost From pandemic relief funds
Successful Farming, 6/21/22
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Off-Farm Income Keeps Ag Moving
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/19/22
Interviewed: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Farms Feel Summer Energy Use Spikes
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/18/22
Interviewed: Scott Sanford, Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering

WALSAA Hosts Annual Picnic
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/23/22
Mentioned: Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

Wisconsinite Claims National Title
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/24/22
Quoted: Mitch Kappelman, Alumnus, Dairy Science

UWRF Searches For New Milk Uses
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/20/22
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Of Interest

Asian carp threaten the Great Lakes. Will calling them ‘copi’ help?
The Washington Post, 6/22/22

Inflation drives up the cost of UW campus building projects, leaving leaders with tough choices
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/22/22

Meet the Peecyclers. Their Idea to Help Farmers Is No. 1.
The New York Times, 6/17/22

Bayer Rejected by US Supreme Court in Bid to End Roundup Suits
Bloomberg, 6/21/22



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