CALS Awards: University Staff Recognition Award recipients

Two weeks ago we celebrated all of this year’s CALS Award recipients, and this week we begin to share more information about all of the individual winners, starting with the University Staff Recognition Awards.

Forrest G. Anderson

An integral part of the team at Spooner Agricultural Research Station, Forrest Anderson is the lead worker responsible for equipment operation and maintenance.

He never hesitates to go above and beyond when assistance is needed around the workplace. From impromptu repairs of all kinds to complicated machinery fabrication, Forrest’s skills are unmatched.

Forrest’s talents notwithstanding, he is also a very kind and generous co-worker. He can always be counted on to lend a hand wherever it is needed. From keeping the grounds looking great year-round to setting-up and tearing-down tables and chairs for programs, he is always doing whatever is needed.

Scott J. Fischer

Scott Fischer is an Agronomy Operations Manager at Marshfield Agricultural Research Station. His peers say he creates a welcoming environment for everyone around him, especially students because he knows that coming to Marshfield can be overwhelming.

While Scott’s own work spans many responsibilities, he never turns down a request for help, often completing tasks to lighten the workload of his peers. One of the most critical of his responsibilities is his management of the equipment program. He cares for millions of dollars’ worth of farm machinery used daily, and he has found resourceful alternatives to save CALS numerous expenses over his years of employment.

Scott is a visionary for how to retrofit, rebuild and repurpose old pieces of equipment. His keen eye has also been the reason that many pieces of equipment have not needed replacement.

Scott is an outstanding staff member and a valuable asset at the Marshfield Agricultural Research Station. His dedication to his job — helping researchers and students with patience and generosity — make working at the station easy and enjoyable.

Kenneth Janisch

Through his work as a Facilities Tech at Arlington Agricultural Research Station, Kenneth Janisch acts as a team leader, no matter the weather.

His maintenance and repair work has ensured the safety of animals and research, and the continued operations at numerous UW facilities. Kenny’s quick problem solving has saved CALS and the UW from huge expenses by addressing issues as soon as he is made aware of them.

An example of this occurred last fall when Kenny repaired a leaking pipe that supplied water to the cattle barns. An issue that could have been detrimental was easily fixed because of Kenny’s efforts.

Kenny is so dedicated to his work that he keeps a running list of less urgent issues that need to be addressed to avoid bigger problems in the future. He is referred to as a “24 hour a day resource,” based on his knowledge of the history of the UW buildings that he has worked in.