New policy for all CALS faculty and staff offering credit to students traveling internationally

The CALS Academic Programs Council approved a new student international travel policy to be effective for credit-bearing international travel starting September 1, 2022.

CALS has a long-standing tradition of global engagement that promotes teaching, research and service and often involves partnerships with international organizations and communities beyond U.S. borders. Students benefit from these relationships by participating in high-impact international learning experiences such as faculty-led field experiences, research at institutions abroad, and international internships around the world, among other opportunities.

The approved policy states that “All CALS faculty and staff must work through CALS Study Abroad (located within CALS Academic Affairs) to offer credit-bearing international experiences for students (undergraduate and graduate). CALS Study Abroad and International Academic Programs (the University’s central study abroad office) partner to provide infrastructure and support necessary to ensure UW policies are met, the health and safety of students, and program success. CALS faculty and staff must contact the Director of CALS Study Abroad and International Education to discuss relevant policies and procedures regarding their students participating in credit-bearing international experiences.”

The purpose of this CALS policy is to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that the health and safety of UW-Madison students (undergraduate and graduate) are protected and that CALS employees follow University and UW-System standards, policies, and requirements in the development and operation of University-affiliated international travel with students when academic credit is earned.

Examples of a situation where a CALS faculty or staff member must contact Brett Schieve, director of CALS Study Abroad and International Education, include (but are not limited to):

  • CALS faculty or staff are interested in taking a group of students abroad and are awarding academic credit for their participation.
  • CALS faculty or staff are working with undergraduate or graduate students who are conducting research or participating in an internship abroad and earning academic credit.
  • CALS faculty or staff are mentoring graduate students who are enrolled in academic credit and attending a conference or site visit as part of the academic credit.
  • CALS faculty or staff are working with an international institution and are interested in having students receive credits from said institution.

For any questions regarding this policy or to discuss credit-bearing, student international travel, contact Brett Schieve at