Nominations sought for Postdoc Excellence Awards and Distinguished Faculty Postdoc Mentoring Award

The UW-Madison Postdoctoral Association (UWPA) is soliciting nominations for the 2022 UW-Madison Postdoc Excellence Awards. The awards were established by the association to encourage and reward excellence, innovation, and effectiveness in the mentoring, teaching, and service of UW-Madison postdocs. There are three categories of award:

  • Postdoc Excellence in Mentoring
  • Postdoc Excellence in Teaching
  • Postdoc Excellence in Service

Postdocs may be nominated by themselves, current/former mentors or mentees, or colleagues. If postdocs nominate themselves, we ask that they have either a mentor, mentee, or colleague, as applicable, submit a letter of support simply stating that they have read your nomination letter and support it. Nomination letters (2 page maximum) should provide specific details as to how the nominated individual excels in a given category and why they are deserving of the award. They should be submitted via this form. It is important that you address the specific criteria listed in the provided rubrics, as they will be used to judge nominations for each of the awards: mentoringteaching, and service.

We are also soliciting nominations for the 2022 UW-Madison Distinguished Faculty Postdoc Mentoring Award. This award recognizes individuals that have had a significant impact on the mentoring of UW-Madison postdocs. Complete this form to submit a nomination letter (2 page maximum).  You can view the rubric for nomination judging here.

Applications for all awards must be submitted electronically by 5 PM Friday, April 1, 2022.

Nominees of the 2022 UW-Madison Postdoc Excellence Awards and the UW-Madison Distinguished Faculty Postdoc Mentoring Award will be recognized at the Celebration of Postdoc Excellence on May 20, 2022. This event is open to all UW-Madison postdocs, their families, mentors, and research group friends. Dinner is provided. RSVP here by May 5th.

All questions and accommodations requests should be directed to the UWPA Postdoc Mentoring Awards Committee (